Keep Kids Active this Summer
Posted on 2nd August, 2019

5 Ways To Keep Kids Active This Summer

The end of the school year brings children so much joy and excitement, but it can put a sense of dread into parents all across the country. Finding ways to keep your little ones entertained for six weeks of Summer can be a struggle, and even more challenging is finding ways to keep kids active. It might seem easy to put the telly on or hand your kinds an iPad to keep them busy in the Summer holidays, but there are plenty of ways to keep kids active instead. Not only will getting your little ones out and about this Summer help them make the most of their much-needed time off, it will promote exercise and good health. If you’re struggling to think of ways to keep kids active this Summer, check out our top 5 suggestions:

Keep Kids Active Through Family Fun

If most of your family time is spent lounging in front of the TV, how can you expect your kids to really get up and go? Children lead by example and if you get outside and play with them, they will be much more likely to get their daily dose of exercise. Try to set new family habits by avoiding the sofa and heading outside. Go for an after dinner dog walk, or just family walk if you don’t have a dog! Play a game of catch or a friendly game of footy in the garden. Whatever activity you choose, if you keep kids active by getting involved yourself, you are all going to have a lot more fun – and exercise.

Invite Friends Over

Some kids don’t like doing things alone, and if you are too busy to play outside with them, then inviting some of their friends over is a great way to keep kids active in the Summer. Stock up on outdoor toys such as balls, skipping ropes, hula hoops and rackets and your children and their friends are sure to find ways to stay entertained for hours.

Make The Most Of Kids Camps

Throughout the Summer, there are loads of fun camps and activities available that are designed specifically to keep kids active in the holidays. In Buckinghamshire, there are plenty of options for day camps and adventure activities for kids to enjoy. Not only will they keep kids active, but will give you some downtime to get on with everything else. Some of the top Buckinghamshire kids clubs to check out this Summer include Ultimate Activity Camps at Maltman’s Green School, Thorpe House School in Gerrards Cross, and Barracudas in High Wycombe.

Plan A Bike Ride

Buckinghamshire is a beautiful county and one of the best ways to see everything it has to offer is from a pushbike. You can keep kids active and explore everything this wondrous area has to offer with a family bike ride. One of the most popular routes is the Chilterns Cycleway which is a huge 173 mile circuit of the Chilterns. Don’t worry, you can choose to ride just a small section at a time, and explore a new area every time you head out on your bikes.

Let Them Decide The Adventure

Children are notorious for saying they don’t want to do something that we all know they’re going to love. Instead of telling them what activity they are going to be doing every day, make it more fun by letting them choose. Give them two choices each day, such as a trip to the park or the swimming pool? Or a day at a museum or a country walk? This will give them a real sense of ownership over their adventure, and the chances are they will be much more excited about the day’s plans.

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