Posted on 19th July, 2016

Summer Holidays in Buckinghamshire

The end of the Summer Term is upon us and panic is setting in to parents all across the country as they ask themselves; how am I going to keep the kids entertained for 6 whole weeks?! Don’t start tearing your hair out just yet, because we have come up with some ideas to keep the little ones busy in Buckinghamshire this Summer: Roald Dahl Children’s Gallery: Based at Buckinghamshire County Museum, the Roald Dahls Children’s Gallery is a fantastic place to let imaginations run wild. Guaranteed to be heaps of fun for children, and having won 2 major awards...


Posted on 7th June, 2016

Father’s Day at the Bull Hotel

Father’s Day began in America in 1910, when Sonora Dodd proposed the day as a way to honour her father who had raised her alone after her mother died during childbirth. June was the birthday month of her father. It wasn’t until 1966 when President Johnson declared every third Sunday of June to be the official Father’s Day, and Nixon made it a federal holiday six years later. It was quick to spread across the pond and is now celebrated widely across the western world. Did you know that about twenty percent of Father’s Day cards are bought for husbands?...


Posted on 9th May, 2016

Summer Concerts at Wembley Stadium

Wembley Stadium is the largest stadium in the United Kingdom, and the second largest in Europe. While it is primarily used for football, it is also host to some fantastic concerts. It has 90,000 seats and plays host to a number of sports including rugby and NFL. This summer, there are some really exciting concerts taking place at Wembley Stadium that you simply cannot miss. Here are some interesting facts about Wembley Stadium along with the fantastic concerts that are being held this summer. Officially opened in 1924, the original stadium was demolished in 2002 and the current one built...


Posted on 25th April, 2016

Interesting and Bizarre Facts about the FA Cup

For football fans across the United Kingdom, the FA Cup is an incredibly exciting time. Starting in August of each year, and ending in May the following one, we watch the teams play tirelessly against each other until one is eventually crowned the winner. Interestingly, the FA Cup is the oldest football tournament in the world. It started in 1871 and was incredibly popular from the start. Since then, support for the competition has only increased with the FA Cup being generally celebrated amongst the British people. This year marks the 135th year that the FA Cup has run, and...


Posted on 31st March, 2016

April Fools Day

Tomorrow we will once again welcome the one day of the year it is completely acceptable to play awful pranks and hoaxes on our loved ones because of a comical tradition dating back to the 19th century. April Fools Day has been celebrated on 1st April for many years, with pranks ranging from small jokes among friends and family, to large scales pranks by brands and celebrities. One of the most popular April Fools Day jokes was held by the BBC in 1957. The well respected news show Panorama announced that Swiss farmers were enjoying a large spaghetti crop thanks...


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