Posted on 11th February, 2020

How to Prepare For The Perfect Dog Friendly Staycation

Holidays with the family just doesn’t seem right without the whole family. There’s no need to leave your best friend out on the fun. However, a holiday with your pooch may seem overwhelming as it entails a lot of preparation and organising. Holidays are a great way to spend time with your dog, but not all dogs will like the change and may not have as much fun as you will. That’s why we’ve put together some top tips to enjoy your family getaway with your little friend.

  1. What to bring

The obvious one to bring is a collar and name tag. In the event of your dog going missing while on your travels, a dog collar is a cheap and useful way to help your pet be reunited with you easily should they go wandering off. A long lead is great for your dog to explore and roam through the wide and open spaces. As well as a long lead, a short lead may be necessary to keep your dog kept closer to you. Many dog friendly attractions require your pet to be kept on a short lead in order to keep them under control, especially in areas where there are children or lots of other dogs.


  1. Research

Before planning where you’ll be going, it’s vital to check you’ll have everything your pooch will need. Be prepared for the worst and keep useful contacts close at hand such as a nearby vet and an out of hour’s service. As much as your dog brings you joy, there will be many attractions that won’t allow you to bring your pup along. So make sure there is enough to do that your dog can enjoy too.


  1. Locations

The UK is home to a great collection of dog friendly activities that you and your pet will love. If you want your furry friend to enjoy long beach walks and exploring sand, shells and salty water, then visiting the UK coastal towns such as Cornwall, Norfolk or Devon – they have everything you’ll need. If you are looking to enjoy some scenic countryside, then make sure to keep Buckinghamshire or Great Malvern in mind. Great Malvern has lots of trails along the Malvern Hills and Buckinghamshire is great for your pup to explore the woods and wildlife.


  1. Stick to your routine

If you decide to take your dog along with you on your UK staycation, it’s always best to stick to a routine your dog is used to. Visiting a new place may be overwhelming so making your dog as comfortable as possible is key to a happy puppy vacation. Make sure you follow the same walk times, food and toilet breaks. Keep your dog on the same diet as at home as a sudden change can cause them an upset stomach. Most importantly, give your pup the time they need to adjust and explore their new surroundings.


  1. Hotels

Last but not least, accommodation! Make sure your chosen hotel welcomes dogs, or you may risk getting turned away at the last minute. When you book your stay at The Bull with your pup, you are guaranteed a great dog friendly place to stay. In the heart of Buckinghamshire’s countryside, The Bull is the perfect base to explore the great outdoors. We welcome you and your dog to stay in one of our Classic rooms on the ground floor for just an additional £20 per night for one dog. Do let us know before you make your booking if you are bringing a dog so we can allocate the best room for you. To make a booking or for more information, please contact us on 01753 202919 or email [email protected].

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