Posted on 26th October, 2021

Back To Business! How To Plan The Perfect Conference At The Bull

Companies all across the globe are trying to adapt and navigate this new normal, post-covid world that we have found ourselves in. For the last 18 months, conferences and large business events have been put on hold, and everyone has been catching up over Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams. Finally, in person events are starting to take place again, and many event organisers are making plans for the rest of the year and well into 2022. Despite events ditching Zoom and getting back to in-person, conferences are still going to look a little different going forward. We are sharing how to plan the perfect post-covid conference at The Bull.

A Covid-Safe Venue

Choosing the right venue has always been one of the most critical parts of any business event, but now this is even more important than ever before. At The Bull, we are specialists in planning conferences and providing the perfect place for your business to get to work. We have various event spaces available to suit conferences of all shapes and sizes. All of our event suites offer flexible seating options, and we can arrange set ups with social distancing in place if you and your delegates prefer.

Consider how many people will be attending your conference, and then discuss your numbers with our events team. We can recommend the best event suite for your requirements, and help you choose a seating layout which will work for you. Our team will ensure hand sanitiser is available for all your delegates, and all staff and guests are encouraged to wear face masks in public areas. Once in your event suite, it is up to you if you want your delegates to keep face coverings on or not. We have introduced enhanced cleaning protocols for our entire venue, so you can be confident you and your delegates are safe.

Communicate With Your Guests

Two years ago, all you needed to worry about was making sure that your delegates knew where and when the event was taking place. Now, it is vital that you take their considerations and worries into account too. The majority of people have not attended any large scale events for more than a year and a half, and it is only natural that they will have concerns and anxieties about getting together with so many people.

Ease their concerns by letting everyone know what is being done to ensure the event is covid-safe. Send out details of The Bulls’ stay safe initiatives so everyone can see what to expect at the venue. You can also provide delegates with a list of precautions that are in place and if there are any steps they need to take before they arrive. This could be in the form of an NHS Covid Pass or a negative covid test before the event starts.

Embrace Technology And Plan For The Worst

Despite in-person events taking place again, video conferencing is not behind us just yet (and probably never will be!). Most conferences will need to embrace some kind of digital elements, or at least have them available as a back up should something go wrong. Consider what would happen if one of your key speakers has to self-isolate because of exposure to covid, or if new travel restrictions are imposed for some of your delegates travelling from afar. Having video conferencing technology in place means that you can plan for all eventualities and your event can still take place should the unexpected happen.

At The Bull, our event suites are fitted with high-tech amenities including built-in projectors and video conference technology. We can arrange for your conference to be set up as a hybrid event, so that delegates can join either in person or online. Speakers can also take to the stage from anywhere in the world. For more information on planning a conference at The Bull, contact our team today.

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