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Posted on 30th October, 2019

Spotlight On Libby: The Bull’s Newest Wedding Coordinator

At The Bull, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent venue and impeccable service for our wedding couples and it is our dedicated wedding team that make this happen. Our wedding team are on hand to help wedding couples with everything they need for planning their dream day. From decorations and flowers to catering and wedding stationery, we are here to assist with whatever you need during your wedding planning journey. Our latest addition to The Bull’s wedding team is Libby, and we’ve been asking her a few questions so our wedding couples can get to know her a little better.

What Is Your Favourite Part About Helping Couples Plan Their Wedding Day?

The overriding moment for any Wedding Coordinator is always the moment that the formalities are over and the Bride and Groom are finally a happily married couple after all the months of planning. However for me, a part of the wedding planning process which is always the most fun is meeting couples who are in their first few months of arrangements. This tends to be when the couple are gaining inspiration from all different kinds of weddings, and narrowing down which of the ideas they think will work for them and best reflects them as a couple.

Here at The Bull no idea is too big or too small, the more weird and wonderful the better, and we love exploring new and different ideas we’ve never thought about before. The world of weddings is ever changing and every couple has different ideas on what their big day will look like, so I love it when my Bride and Grooms come to me with new and exciting ideas on how to make their day perfect.

What Is The Best Wedding You Have Been A Part Of And Why?

Choosing one specific wedding as my favourite is near on impossible as they are all so different in almost every way. My favourite wedding days aesthetically are when you can really see the personalities of the Bride and Groom in the decorations that have been chosen. For me, it’s always about the little details; the personalised favours for each guest and a colour theme running all the way through, from the table centre’s to the colour of the confetti.

A recent wedding that I was lucky enough to be a part of was one in which the Bride and Groom opted for a small and intimate Ceremony and Wedding Breakfast. The couple surrounded themselves with 16 of their closest friends and family for the legal part of their day – Which I’m told eliminated a few nerves on the big day too!

They chose to hold this in our Garden Room with its own Private Terrace which made for some beautiful pictures during their arrival drinks. After their 3 course Wedding Breakfast, the happy couple made their way into our Thames Suite when they joined 100 evening guests and the real party could start. The Bride and Groom made fabulous use of their Private Lounge Bar where they had LED LOVE Letters and even a photobooth. The Thames suite housed a band as well as a DJ to play in between sets.

For me, this wedding managed to retain the intimacy of a small wedding, with the love the Bride and Groom have for each other and their immediate friends and families being paramount, but with a great party to round things off!

What Advice Would You Give To Couples Searching For Their Dream Wedding Venue?

The world of weddings can be mind boggling for newly engaged couples. Blogs, magazines and wedding fairs alike will profess to know “Exactly What You Need!” and sometimes couples cannot be blamed for feeling a little overwhelmed, especially at the start of their wedding planning process.

There can be a lot to think about, and your venue is always the place to start. Your venue will hold a place in your heart forever, and will become a regular haunt for the two of you as you grow into married life, a special anniversary may even warrant a trip back to the venue where it all began so it is imperative that your venue is a place you feel comfortable and at home.

There are also logistical aspects to think of, for example, are a lot of your guest list from far flung places? Then you’ll need to make sure your venue has plenty of bedrooms for your guests to stay in after they’ve finished dancing the night away!

How Long Have You Been Working In Weddings?

I have been working in the world of weddings since my first job. I started off serving the plates and pouring the wine and now I am lucky enough to see the process through all the way from the engagement to the “I Do’s”. From Disney Themes to Winter Wonderland I’ve seen countless beautiful weddings unfold, each one of them slightly different and undeniably special in their own way.  

Even after so long I still love the magic in the air on a wedding day!

What Is Your Favourite Part Of The Wedding Day?

There are a thousand parts of a wedding day that I could choose as my favourite, from the newlywed’s first dance as a married couple, to the emotional Father of the Bride speech; every part of a wedding day is special. However, there is one part of a wedding ceremony that is hard to ignore for me. When the music begins to play, the doors swing open and the Groom gets the first look at his gorgeous Bride as she makes her way down the aisle, the look in the eye of the Groom is always unforgettable. For me, the months of planning always seem to come together at that moment.

If you are beginning to plan your big day and are in search of your perfect wedding venue, then get in touch with Libby to discuss your plans and find out how The Bull can be a part of your dream day. Contact our wedding team online here, or call us on +44 1753 885995.

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