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Posted on 9th September, 2019

Top Tips For Booking A Hotel For Your Next Break

We all know that hotel prices can change regularly, and whether you are booking a business trip or a holiday, everyone always wants to get the best possible deal. The last thing you want after booking a hotel room is to find out you could have saved some cash or bagged yourself some additional perks for free. The pricing, discounts and extras you can get on a hotel room often depends on how you book and there are a few top tips you can follow to save yourself some cash. We are sharing our top tips for booking a hotel room for your next break:

Remember Price Isn’t Everything

One of the most common mistakes that travellers make when booking a hotel room is focusing only on the price, this is why the first of our tips for booking a hotel is to remember price isn’t everything. A hotel that is offering the lowest rate does not always make for the best deal. Some of the lowest priced hotel rooms available are often very basic and there are various extras that you will need to pay on top. Always check if a rate includes breakfast, free WiFi or any other inclusions that you would otherwise have to pay for on top. More often than not, if you choose a cheaper rate that has nothing included, you will end up paying out more in the long run than if you had booked the higher price.

Always Book Direct

Online travel agent websites such as Expedia and might make researching and choosing your hotel easy and simple, but they rarely give you the best prices. Once you have chosen a hotel for your trip, head over to their own website to make your booking and you will almost always get a better price than anywhere else. Many hotels will have a best rate guarantee, so you know you will be getting the best deal possible. Some even include additional benefits and freebies when you book direct, so not only are you saving some cash, but getting some extra perks.

Do Your Research

Not only do you want to find a good deal but you want to find a good hotel. No one wants to book the cheapest hotel they can find, only to arrive and be greeted by a less-than satisfactory service or standard. Bear in mind that the cheapest hotel is often the cheapest for a reason, and finding the best deal is about finding the hotel that is the best value for your money. One way of checking the deal you are getting is to read previous guest reviews. These will give you a good indication of what other customers have thought of a hotel, and if it lived up to their expectations. Positive reviews are a great way of seeing whether a hotel is going to be worth spending a bit more on, compared to cheaper options with poor reviews.

Look Out For Offers

Many hotels will offer various offers and promotions throughout the year, and they are a great way of saving some money on your next trip. Check hotel websites for offer pages, and sign up for newsletters to be the first to know of any new promotions. If your trip is definitely going ahead and you know you won’t need to cancel for any reason, many hotels offer discounts for booking a non-refundable rate. Also, if you can be flexible on your travel dates, then you can often get good deals by visiting a hotel at their quieter times.

Loyalty Is Always Rewarded

Many hotel companies offer loyalty programmes for customers that give access to a range of exclusive benefits and discounts. These programmes are usually free to join and can give you added benefits such as discounts, freebies and additional perks. Before making a hotel booking, check the hotel website for a loyalty scheme, or call them to enquire if there are any loyalty deals available. This is one of the most valuable tips for booking a hotel, so always bear loyalty schemes in mind!

At The Bull, we like reward our customers who choose to book direct and aim to make booking a room with us as easy as possible. All our previous customer reviews are available on our website, and we regularly update our special offers to help you save on your stay. When you make a booking direct on our website, you can relax knowing that you have got the best possible rate thanks to our best price guarantee. We will also give you a free drink of your choice in the bar, just for booking direct. You can explore all our book direct benefits online here.

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