Welcome to the consultation webpage for The Bull Hotel

The purpose of this page is to provide information in which the local community can meet, communicate, and work with The Bull Hotel as we prepare to develop a Spa and Wellness building.
The Bull Hotel would like to embrace the exciting opportunity to develop land adjacent to the building, for the purposes of creating a fabulous Spa and Wellness facility.

The team at The Bull Hotel is delighted to share this exciting proposal with our residents. We appreciate your contributions as the project is developing, allowing for the objectives of our community to be incorporated into this new facility, the environment it occupies and the services we offer.

Our Objective is to continue to build on this collaboration with the community, in order to develop unique services that are pertinent to local needs, increasing The Bull Hotel’s range of services in a manner that ensures we have shared local objectives with our community.
Our Vision is to offer a complete range of hospitality services within the Health and Wellbeing sector; this is an entirely new opportunity for The Bull Hotel and one we embrace wholeheartedly. This vision is achievable only if realised in collaboration with our local community, providing an offering that all our guests can enjoy while also respecting the environment and heritage of the site and our surroundings.
The Bull Hotel renowned for its accommodation, dining, conference and function facilities, the hotel has identified the opportunity to expand the experience and facilities available when either visiting or staying at this landmark in Gerrards Cross, by Introducing the exciting opportunity to create a new building, for the purposes of a superb Spa and Wellness facility.
The proposed building will sit adjacent to the current hotel, allowing for ease of access together with discreet, private facilities offered.

The proposed facility will boast an inviting Spa and Wellness centre, with convenient access from building to building. This will offer a pool surrounded by natural light together with jacuzzi and sauna offerings. Relaxation areas and stylish changing facilities. The gymnasium will allow for state-of-the-art fitness machines and equipment, together with fitness studios.

The Spa will offer luxury, creating a sanctuary for self-renewal and restoration, with treatment rooms, relaxation areas and a large outdoor terrace overlooking the gardens allowing for nature to embrace and enhance.

Maintaining the area’s bucolic idyll is essential to ensuring that this new building coheres with the 17th century Coaching Inn that forms the core of the hotel. This is an opportunity to expand the Bull Hotel’s luxury services in a unique and elegant way. Professional experts and horticulturist’s nurture the gardens and cultivate a relaxing and attractive landscape that visitors can enjoy both aesthetically and as a relaxing environment. The overriding objective of this entire project is to respect the local community, most importantly in the privacy residents have righty come to expect.


The gardens of The Bull Hotel boast natural foliage, carefully cultivated plants and flowers together with areas of open grassland. It is our intention to apply this naturalistic style to the grounds of the new site. This development, whilst impressive, will be punctuated by creative use of gardens, water features and mature trees to create different focal points. The gardens will be diligently maintained while preserving and enhancing the characteristics of the natural environment in order to cohere with their surroundings.


The Bull Hotel has always been keen to work with the local community, supporting and collaborating with activities, and offering a well-established, professional local hotel and venue for all to visit. Preserving this relationship as this project continues is vital to its success and, during the course of any change or expansion of the hotel and its facilities, all local views will be reviewed with the utmost alliance and consideration.


Consultation Meetings will take place on Friday 25th and Monday 28th November 2022. These meetings will provide the Bull Hotel with the opportunity to share our exciting proposals for the Spa and Wellness building, and to understand the views of the local community.

It is our intention after the consultation to put our plans before the planning office.

Your views our important to us. If you have any feedback, please complete the form so that we are able to consider your comments within this process. Thank you for contributing to this process.

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