Posted on 3rd January, 2018

The First Steps To Planning Your Dream Wedding

The festive season is the perfect time for engagements, with Christmas and New Year being the most popular dates to pop the question. In fact, nearly 40% of all engagements happen between November and January. If you are one of the lucky Brides-to-be who said yes this holiday season, then you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed with what steps to take next.

Enjoy It

The precious days and weeks following your engagement can become a whirlwind of questions from excited loved ones and you might be feeling the pressure to set a date and pick a venue as soon as possible. It’s important to take time to enjoy your engagement before the craziness of wedding planning really kicks in, take it one step at a time and remember there is no rush to set anything in stone just yet. Break the planning down into manageable sections, and set aside a little bit of time once a week to sit down with your partner and discuss your wedding plans.

Set A Budget

One of the first steps to planning your big day is deciding how much you can realistically afford to spend. Have an honest discussion with your partner about your finances, how much you can afford to save over the coming months, and how much you are prepared to spend on your dream wedding. If you think you or your partners parents might help pay for the wedding, it is helpful to discuss this with them in the early stages so you know exactly what you can afford.

Plan Your Guest List

Trying to plan a wedding without having a rough idea of the number of people you want to invite is nearly impossible. It’s a good idea to create a ‘first draft’ of your guest list in the early planning stages, so you can have a rough number when looking at venues. You probably already know the key people you want to spend your wedding day with, however it is good to think about who to invite to the day compared to the evening. At this stage you only need rough numbers; chances are your guest list will change countless times before its time to send out invites.

Find Your Dream Venue

With your budget set and rough numbers sorted, it’s time to start looking into your wedding venue. Spend some time discussing what you both want from your wedding, and write a list of all the features that are really important to you both. There are thousands of lovely wedding venues out there and finding the perfect one can feel like a challenge, make a shortlist of all the ones you like the look of and book a viewing.

Set A Date

You may have already thought about what season you would like your wedding, and now you’ve found your perfect venue it is time to set a date. Many venues offer cheaper prices in low seasons such as January and February, and also midweek dates are often less pricey than weekends. Just remember to be mindful of your guests getting time off work.

Choose Your Bridal Party

You and your partner might already know who you want in your bridal party, or maybe you need some time to think about it. If you aren’t 100%, then don’t rush to make a decision straight away. Choose people who you know will be best to support you on your special day, and throughout the planning process.

Attend Some Wedding Fairs

There will still be plenty of big decisions that you and your partner will need to make before the big day, but with the key decisions made the rest will start to fall into place. Head out to local Wedding Fairs for inspiration, you can see venues set up for a wedding and meet local suppliers. On Sunday 14th January, join us at the Bull Hotel for The Middlesex and Buckinghamshire Wedding Show. Entry is free between 11am and 3.30pm and there will be a bridal fashion show, free goody bags, over 25 local suppliers, and much more. For more information call us on 01753 202919 or email [email protected].

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